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Tournament: #456
EOW Go13 Championship I
Description: Photobucket
The first edition of the "End of the World" championship.

If they are right, we will never play this tournament.
And if they are wrong, ENHORABUENA!, let's celebrate that we are
alive, with tons of matches in LG, our cyberhome.

Welcome to the biggest event ever of the ERA in LG
Current EOW Date : December 21, 2012

This event is sponsored by The Scientist.
Creator: KPT ★
State Finished
Game: Go 13x13
Variant: Size 13x13
Tournament's start: 2012-12-21
#games between players: 1
Private tournament: no
Min/Max rating: 44.9k - 156.9d
Rated: true

Registered players (30)

bachkiesel (4.8k), Elisa Kabiljo (6.0k), Mihai Marica (10.1k), Michal Stanicar (17.8k), mass (7.7k), Crelo ★ (3.3d), David Strupl ★ (10.6k), . teofobo (15.4k), pragbear71 (11.5k), Domi (16.3k), mercury4 (9.7k), kavias (10.0k), fatih (14.5k), mungo (12.2k), milesd (19.2k), John P Rivenburg (20.1k), qola (10.5k), WalkingSpear (18.4k), HayashiMinoru (11.4k), VinceS (17.1k), drToma (6.7k), viennago (11.6k), gamesorry (1.7k), Martyn Hamer (13.7k), sorim (16.1k), Kokoro Sugi (7.4k), pzul (15.8k), Henri Bouchard (15.2k), bogdan13x (14.3k), lazyDog (18.2k)

Tournament's groups

round: 1

Group 1 [Crelo ★]  Group 2 [Kokoro Sugi]  Group 3 [mass, mungo, viennago]  Group 4 [gamesorry]  Group 5 [drToma]  

round: 2

Group 1 [gamesorry]