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Tournament: #1153
EOW Connect4 Championship II
Something about The_Burglar Game Thread clicked on my head.

I remember once i read that U.S president Nixon said that 2020 it was the beginning of the end.
The bible says that "there will be great earthquakes" and also "For nation shall rise against nation,
and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places

Are we living in the end of the times?
The global warming will finish the planet?
Could it be a nuclear war?
A meteorite?

Welcome to the Second edition of the "End Of The World" Championship.

As u know, we survived to the first edition (12/21/12) and now we are ready for the acceptance of our fate, but we will be full of grace and joy the blessing of the extension of our existence.

Current EOW Date: December 21, 2020

This event is sponsored by The Scientist (our not-so secret LG society)
Also, i invite you to play in The_Burglar thread to get in the mood

Truly yours
Creator: KPT
State Finished
Game: Four in a row
Variant: Size 9x9
Tournament's start: 2020-12-21
#games between players: 1
Private tournament: no
Min/Max rating: 0 - 9999
Rated: true

Registered players (7)

KPT (5. kyu), Dam and Blast (13. kyu), ossenaar (1. dan), BartSimpson4321 (7. kyu), Roy78 (9. kyu), PFW (14. kyu), SOLFAREMI (12. kyu?)

Tournament's groups

round: 1

Group 1 [KPT]