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Tournament: #771
English OSKI Tournament #2 (double games):
Description: English OSKI Tournament #2 (double games): This is just an english OSKI tournament with two games against each opponent. So the disadvantage of the starting player is more balanced. Enjoy and have fun!
Creator: BigChicken
State Finished
Game: OSKI
Variant: English
Tournament's start: 2013-08-24
#games between players: 2
Private tournament: no
Min/Max rating: 0 - 9999
Rated: true

Registered players (7)

BigChicken (1994), David Milne ★ (1617), chianti (1427), bloke (1779), Martyn Hamer (1576), RV3 (1799), Guardiana (1675)

Tournament's groups

round: 1

Group 1 [Guardiana, BigChicken]