Infinite tournament Go 13x13 - Size 13x13

Order Player Challenge Defense Last games
1. Pascal Huybers 3.2k Liviu cloudbank ★
2. Liviu 3.9k Pascal Huybers jarek drToma
3. cloudbank ★ 4.5k Pascal Huybers Rex Santoro
4. jarek 4.6k Liviu fraprot
5. drToma 6.9k Liviu gridgo
6. Rex Santoro 7.4k cloudbank ★ betterlife simpledeep
7. fraprot 7.2k jarek qola
8. gridgo 4.8k drToma Elisa Kabiljo
9. betterlife 9.2k Rex Santoro Finn Th. Nielsen
10. simpledeep 5.7k Rex Santoro mass
11. qola 10.7k fraprot kiwibilly
12. Elisa Kabiljo 6.1k gridgo John R Thomas ★
13. Finn Th. Nielsen 9.2k betterlife etoile
14. mass 8.1k simpledeep sputnik
15. kiwibilly 10.9k qola varegka
16. John R 13.0k Elisa Kabiljo fatih Jonathan N.
17. Thomas ★ 10.0k Elisa Kabiljo dorota
18. etoile 12.0k Finn Th. Nielsen David Strupl ★ won with knutzz
19. sputnik 10.8k mass Andrew Dabrowski knutzz
20. varegka 8.8k kiwibilly apm fcolas
21. Jonathan N. 14.7k John R won with fatih won with Elsabio won with Ocross
22. fatih 14.3k John R lost with Jonathan N.
23. dorota 12.0k Thomas ★ francette
24. David Strupl ★ 10.6k etoile metzgerism won with LastraG won with knutzz won with Mihai Durbaca
25. knutzz 14.0k sputnik lost with David Strupl ★ lost with etoile
26. Andrew Dabrowski 13.5k sputnik Cassiel
27. apm 10.5k varegka Jeremy Wakeman
28. fcolas 12.0k varegka niansi Elsabio
29. francette 16.4k dorota won with Ocross won with LastraG
30. Cassiel 16.3k Andrew Dabrowski richyfourtytwo ★ LastraG won with Mihai Durbaca won with John P Rivenburg
31. Jeremy Wakeman 17.3k apm John P Rivenburg Mihai Durbaca won with SYLIU
32. niansi 13.8k fcolas Ocross won with SYLIU won with Minebeule
33. Elsabio 17.3k fcolas Akiva Saunders ★ lost with Jonathan N. won with Ocross
34. Ocross 17.4k niansi SYLIU lost with francette lost with Elsabio lost with Jonathan N.
35. metzgerism 15.1k David Strupl ★ won with LastraG
36. LastraG 21.1k Cassiel lost with David Strupl ★ lost with metzgerism lost with francette
37. Mihai Durbaca 18.1k Jeremy Wakeman lost with Cassiel lost with David Strupl ★ won with Akiva Saunders ★
38. richyfourtytwo ★ 12.0k Cassiel Matthew Lane Penny won with Akiva Saunders ★
39. John P Rivenburg 19.3k Jeremy Wakeman lost with Cassiel won with Akiva Saunders ★
40. Akiva Saunders ★ 14.7k Elsabio won with SYLIU lost with John P Rivenburg lost with richyfourtytwo ★ lost with Mihai Durbaca
41. SYLIU 16.9k Ocross lost with niansi lost with Akiva Saunders ★ lost with Jeremy Wakeman
42. Matthew Lane Penny 14.9k richyfourtytwo ★
  • Max 1 challenge
  • Max 2 defense
  • Play with the same player after 14 days
  • Challenge up to CEIL(SQRT(order))
  • If challenger won game, overtake his opponent.