Name: Knox (Computer)
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J.P.Grossman for his "Dabble" program (which I rewrote and improved)

P.R.J. Ostergard for the original version of his code to find the holes in a graph via backtracking and for his max. clique algorithm -- "A Fast Algorithm for the Maximum Clique Problem," Discrete Applied Mathematics, vol.120(2002), pp.195--205.

Freddie Mang for his NimString calculator which I corrected, improved, and rewrote in C++.

George Karypis et. al. for their research on multi-level graph partitioning algorithms and more specifically, for the hMETIS library.

I'm testing to see how well the program plays against real competition. To be fair, I'll put the program on a setting where it will take at most anyway from 25 secs to 2 minutes per move (most moves take only a couple of seconds) -- I will NOT let it run for hours. Also, I will not change the program's selected move even if turns out to be really stupid -- the program is better than I am so I won't be able to tell whether the move is bad or not.

TODO: Nimstring -- implement snapping of long chains that connect otherwise disjoint components.

-- Glenn C. Rhoads

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