Name: Andres Villasante
Registered: 2003-07-25
Lastconnect: 2010-09-27 10:43
Address:   Puerto Rico
Info: I am an US Veteran, 60 years old, - One of my favorite quotes related to chess, as seen in Jonathan Rowson's column at The Seven Deadly Chess Sins is: "Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself." as Mankind has shown for centuries that we cannot make the correct decisions without Divine help. If the soul is a spirit, it must them be immortal, incapable of death. When the spirit is unified is amazing what can be accomplished! Because by definition a spirit is a simple substance, with no parts, no extension in space. "The wise man's understanding turns him to his right; the fool's understanding turns him to his left." Ecclesiastes 10:2. -- Life is too short for the exchange variation in French. The joy of winning and the agony of defeat are two imposters that sometimes take away from the spirit of this wonderful game. I NEVER used a computer to analyze during my games And I don't want to compete against your computer either. If you going to utilize, a chess computer program assistance . . . DO not PLAY ME . . . or send me a message and I'll resign right away. I want chess openness that would deem "common sense more important than chess legal technicalities. Remember that. PLEASE, DO not WASTE WHAT LITTLE TIME IF LEFT; It will be appreciated. I like to go beyond the style of today's grandmaster that has both plans and programs in their game. I possess my own chess theory: (1). A chess game consists of alternating phases. In these phases all tactics and initiative is far more important than classic evaluation criteria. In calm phases classic evaluation criteria can be applied. Always trying to combine my analytical abilities with my intuition. MY primary goal is realistic King-defense against my opponent. - limited number of games - (2). My Style is totally non-traditional, and draws techniques from a wide range of Chess traditions. To play on high level, my criterion is choosing top self-defense based systems opponents for several reasons: I take only what works against skilled, resisting opponents and discard the rest. This is not to say that I am an eclectic art, rather some filters all of the techniques it absorbs through the criteria of simplicity, directness, and effectiveness. (3). Chess is warfare. Chess is a sport, a violent sport. Many systems train either with no resistance, or against totally unrealistic attacks. Some other systems are brutally effective at one or two particular ranges (competencies range, in a clinch or on the ground, etc.), and value-creating processes, but some what limited at other ranges of chess fighting pieces ranges. I prefer the battlefield in the corporate chess boardroom in all ranges: wider application, of transferability, combinations, trapping, sacrifices, clinch, and sharpening analytical and strategic thinking. Peace by chess! I believe chess can be a great ambassador for peace in the world. They are the poetry of the game; they are to chess what melody is to music. If you are interested in postmortem analysis after finishing a game with me, just drop me a note and I'll gladly take part in it! If I feel you postpone only to stall the game - in short keep playing in your other games, I will, given the opportunity, cancel the postponement! This player's favorite conversation topic keywords: consciousness theory, programming, solving zero-sum thinking games perfectly, car/motorbike race simulations (too much pollution if done in reality), Dog's Pets Companions, natural sciences, philosophy, futurology, history, an archeology, combinatorial optimization. All those Topics covered include pawn structure, fighting for the initiative, psychological stability at critical moments, opening preparation, and more. Favorite Movies & Books Interest keywords: If you are up to it, these books will totally change your ground of being regarding yourself, your planet and this universe: Beautiful Mind, The Age of Spiritual Machines, Ray Kurzwell and Ishmael, Daniel Quin, The Tracker, and The Search. Cheers, Bill Latest favorites: Passion and Kill Bill, also The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. Cheron, Kasparov, Test of Time Averbakh, Watson, Dvoretzky, Jules Verne, Science Fiction. My favorite Chess Playing Web Site is right here at LittleGolem. LG is a very highly secure WEB private data, and information is protected by international laws. This is a great excellent site for improving your chess game overall. This player can accept and understand messages from other players in the following languages: Spanish-English (I'm not a native speaker - please forgive my errors). Take care and train hard, best regards and good luck in your games. Andrew
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Number of moves: 5767

Player's statistics
Game Rating Games Championship level Infinite order Won/Lost/Drawn/InP rogress Tournaments
Go 16.2k 97 games - - +33-64=0~0 6 tournaments
Chess 1850 76 games - - +46-22=8~0 11 tournaments
Twixt PP 1476 14 games - - +1-13=0~0 3 tournaments
Hex 1500 12 games - - +1-11=0~0 2 tournaments
Reversi 1500 19 games - - +1-18=0~0 4 tournaments
DVONN 1441 10 games - - +1-9=0~0 3 tournaments
Amazons 1500 7 games - - +0-7=0~0 2 tournaments
Golem Word Game 1500 37 games - - +3-34=0~0 2 tournaments
Four in a row 1500 23 games - - +0-23=0~0 2 tournaments
Gomoku 1500 13 games - - +2-11=0~0 2 tournaments
StreetSoccer 1500 19 games - - +3-16=0~0 2 tournaments
Dots and Boxes 1500 27 games - - +2-25=0~0 2 tournaments
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