Name: Jan's program (W:297,L:86,D:6)
Registered: 2003-06-19
Lastconnect: 2016-08-25 15:59
Address:   Netherlands
Info: I've written this Dvonn program re-using many technologies from my Othello program. The main weakness is that the program has a hard time defending against well-planned cut-offs. I will NOT help my program so please deploy all anti-program tactics you know off! Good luck.
- Improved cut-off defense in june 2003.
- Significant speedup in januari 2004.
- Several evaluation enhancements in march/april 2004.
- Significant speedup in april 2004.
- Improved setup-phase in May 2006; heuristics have been replaced by hardcoded routines.
- Huge speedup in May 2006.
Membership: Not a member
Number of moves: 16097

Player's statistics
Game Rating Games Championship level Infinite order Won/Lost/Drawn/InP rogress Tournaments
DVONN 1962 466 games - - +342-117=7~0 100 tournaments
Amazons 1500 3 games - - +0-3=0~0 1 tournaments
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