Name: darse
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Address:   Canada

Darse Billings. I write computer AIs for a wide variety of games. (Google "darse" if you want to know more about me).

Some accomplishments: I'm the author of Mona, the program that won the de facto world championship for Lines of Action in 2000. Mona won every game she ever played against human opposition, and retired from competition after defeating most of the top 30 elite players.

I wrote the first strong solver for the NP-hard puzzle SameGame, setting all-time high scores on several online sites that host the game.

I'm probably best known as the founding researcher in poker AI (my MSc and PhD theses were on that topic). My research group at the University of Alberta (CPRG) developed the program Polaris, which defeated a team of elite professional poker players in the 2008 Man vs Machine match. Polaris is arguably the strongest poker-playing entity for the game of Heads-Up Limit Hold'em.

After joining Little Golem, i was lucky enough to win the first two games of Empathy i ever played (and 3/5, with my AI sidekick drbot).

I would like to play some quick games of EwN, and earn full LG citizenship.

Note: All games played on this account are played by me alone, with no computer support. My programs, or joint efforts with my programs, will always play on the drbot account.

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