Name: sghsal
Registered: 2010-09-10
Lastconnect: 2021-01-27 07:26
Address:   Europe
Info: Hey guys, I finished my last game on this site at 4 June 2013. Go here to see my farewell address: :) Feel free to contact me if you got questions about the game of Dots and Boxes (although I probably won't log in frequently). If you just learned the chain rule and some basic things and you want to advance, this might be interesting for you: Especially the "counting" file is of high practical relevance, but the others might be useful as well. Spread Dots and Boxes all over the world! See you. :) Edit 28.04.2014: The wccanard website seems to be down.. In case someone is interested I can provide the "counting" as well as the "technotes" file. Apparently one knows an efficient algorithm to play Arbitrary Simple Loony Endgames perfectly nowadays, see Very interesting. :) Edit 28.02.2015: I never agreed to my last game versus Alumnus Skarm. That's why I refuse to play. Also keep in mind that I'm not going to play any further games.
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