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Top Swimming Pools in Islamabad


Islamabad is the capital of the nation, and individuals expect that they will be worked with the best administrations. Individuals living Islamabad coming from various spaces of the nation might want to approach offices like pools, wellbeing, and schooling offices. Allow me to add the justification for referencing the office of the pool here. Many people looking for properties for sale Rawalpindi want swimming pool in their house. Various individuals are not used to warm climate, particularly kids, some of them might need to get in shape, and some might need to beat the hotness in the mid year season. Islamabad is a beautiful place and is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan. Internationally, it came into the spotlight as it made the list of the top ten most beautiful capitals of the world. The city is one of the very few planned cities in the country. Lists ranking the beauty of a place are, at best, subjective, but that does not demerit the beauty of a city. Anyways, there are a number of places in Islamabad that can be visited when on tour, but right now, I want to talk about some of the least talked ones, strangely enough, amusement parks. Pakistan is a land of natural wonders, and mostly, amusement parks go unnoticed. The demography of Pakistan is such that a strong family structure exists at the sub-state level. There are many options of plots for sale in Rawalpindi. Thus amusement parks, also have a trend of being family oriented as it is good for business. So here is a list of the top amusement parks that you should visit when in the twin cities.



Having swimming is fun, right? And you have the best option of swimming to beat the heat in the summers. In summers, you get vacations as well so you can spend most of your time in swimming.


In Islamabad, you may find a number of swimming pools. However, I will be discussing the top five swimming pools in Islamabad because they have some extraordinary services that they are providing to people.

  1. Leisure swimming pool

This swimming pool is located in Safa Gold Mall, which is considered to be the top swimming pool in Islamabad. Many of us do not know, right?

Well YES, there is an indoor swimming pool at the mall where you can enjoy swimming. But you will have to become its members first; then you would be able to enjoy swimming. The Smarts gym has a swimming pool where you may have fun during the summer season.

  1. Gun and country club

Islamabad is a wonderful place with a lot of hills that are filled with greenery. You may find the location of this swimming pool near Zero Point in Islamabad. In 2002, this club was established, and since then, this club is allowing people to enjoy swimming in both outdoor and indoor swimming pools. This club takes care of its members and facilitates its members with their desired services.

Are you waiting for the best services?

You may become a member and enjoy swimming and other entertaining services provided by the club. 

  1. Islamabad club

Most of the time, people like you are maintenance conscious. You may find the Islamabad club as the most maintained club all over the country. This club also has a comfy swimming pool area. Islamabad club offers both indoor and outdoor swimming facilities to all of its customers. There is also a separate swimming pool for kids, and it also has a side area for kids so that they may be able to enjoy their games. If you have kids, then you would be happy to hear about the facility of coaching for swimming with your kids. If you think that your kids need coaching, you may be entertained with this facility.

  1. Serena hotel

Well, you may have heard about Serena Hotel, this is one of the most popular hotels in the country. In Pakistan, this hotel is providing exceptional services to its valuable customers. If you need to have quality time and you want to relax then this hotel has a swimming pool. This has higher rates, but it has the best facilities too. 

  1. Ramada hotel

One of the amazing services that are provided to people in Islamabad is considered the Ramada Hotel. This hotel has indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Private bookings for private parties are allowed. Ramada is located in a pleasant place where you may also find beautiful places. Well, you also have an opportunity to buy an apartment. Just search for an apartment for sale in Islamabad, near Ramada Hotel, and enjoy their splendid facilities right beside your home. So! What are you waiting for! Do not wait and miss the opportunity that offers you the best services in Islamabad.  


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Kids play area F-9 park


Considering the family oriented nature of the region, this amusement park is primarily for kids, and there is a clear-cut policy of the prohibition of bachelors in the park. So if you are a bachelor. Tough luck! The park consists of several amusement rides that are primarily designed for kids while the rest of the family has a good time. Alongside the play area, there is a full-fledged cricket facility in which club cricket is usually played.

Muhammad bin Qasim Park


Located in the heart of Islamabad, this park brings you the natural serenity of Islamabad, especially during sunrise and sunset hours. It has a play area particularly designed for kids. The major difference between this one and the F-9 park is that this park does not hold such a strict policy with regards to bachelors.




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