Name: Ed Collins
Registered: 2002-06-10
Lastconnect: 2022-07-11 12:16
Address:   United States
Info: Hex, Twixt, Quoridor, Y, Havannah, Amazons, Othello, Pente, DVONN, Connect Four, etc., are just a few of the many abstract strategy games I’ve enjoyed playing over the past several years. I own almost 150 commercial board games and most all of them are two-player abstract. Although not considered abstract strategy games (because of the luck factor) backgammon and Scrabble are two other perennial favorites of mine. I’ve competed in more than 70 over-the-board chess tournaments. My current USCF rating is 1786, down from a high of 1930. I’m a former administrator on both FICS and USChessLive. Note: I don’t enjoy playing turn-based chess online, since the temptation is often just too great for your opponent to use software to help him. Many years ago, just for the heck of it, I put together a website devoted to the board game Stratego. (I’m not even a big Stratego fan!) Without realizing it, I created a monster! For years and years my Stratego site was recognized as the #1 Stratego site on the Internet! Alas, Hasbro asked me to remove some of the links I was linking to and I didn't want to. If I couldn't link to who I wanted to , I didn't want to maintain the site at all. So I took the entire site down. I’ve resided in Michigan, Nevada, and Arizona. I currently live in sunny, Southern California. Visit my website at When I attained a rating of 2407, that set a record as the highest rating ever achieved at Golem’s Word Game. However, I correctly predicted FatPhil would eventually break that record. He sees further ahead than I do. With a rating of 1853, I’m currently the 4th highest ranked USA player on this site, at Four In A Row! (For awhile I was 3rd in the USA.) With a rating of 1739, I’ve dropped to the 6th highest ranked USA player at Amazons. And with a Havannah rating of 1900, I became the first player in any country to achieve that rating. Whoo hoo! However, that figure soon came back down, as it should have. I’m not really that good. (For a long while I was still the #1 ranked player in the United States, but after taking a break for a long time, and losing a bunch of points because I timed out, my rating has dropped considerably. As I type this, I'm currently the second highest rated human, in the USA, at Havannah.) For awhile I was the top rated player in my country at Golem’s Word Game, Havannah, AND WYPS! Here’s my Little Golem Resume: (1) Player ID #1316. I first signed up in April of 2002, forgot that I did so, and then signed up again two months later, in June. (I asked Richard to delete the first account. I should have asked him to delete the second account. If so, my member ID number would be even smaller!) (2) I suggested a rule change which improved the scoring of Golem’s Word Game. (The suggestion was implemented.) (3) I rewrote and I’m currently maintaining the sites (now unofficial) FAQ. (4) I initiated the first every turn-based Acrophobia Game, right here on Little Golem! (5) I helped suggest changing Four-In-A-Row on the 6x7 board, as it was initially offered here, to the current 8x8 size board. (6x7 has been solved – it’s a win for the first player.) (6) I currently hold the record for the longest word ever found in Golem’s Word Game (14 tiles, set in 2004). (7) I was the first player to recommend Havannah. (I recommended it on November 20, 2003.) (8) I'm the author of Havannah Helper, a utility to help you analyze Havannah games. (9) I suggested an improvement to the graphic for the Amazons board. (10) I suggested a way to improve the way the last move is displayed on the WYPS board. (The suggestion was implemented.)
Membership: Not a member
Number of moves: 38574

Player's statistics
Game Rating Games Championship level Infinite order Won/Lost/Drawn/InP rogress Tournaments
Go 14.9k 4 games - - +1-3=0~0 1 tournaments
Chess 1465 12 games - - +4-7=1~0 3 tournaments
WYPS 1500 75 games - - +54-21=0~0 5 tournaments
OSKI 1713 32 games - - +28-4=0~0 3 tournaments
Twixt PP 1576 286 games - - +162-124=0~0 70 tournaments
Hex 1558 259 games - 72. +149-110=0~0 62 tournaments
Reversi 1512 19 games - - +9-10=0~0 6 tournaments
DVONN 1413 18 games - - +4-14=0~0 4 tournaments
Amazons 1745 201 games - - +118-83=0~0 42 tournaments
Golem Word Game 2353 364 games - - +318-46=0~0 89 tournaments
Four in a row 1818 174 games - - +121-52=1~0 44 tournaments
Gomoku 1500 13 games - - +4-9=0~0 3 tournaments
Connect6 1468 83 games - - +40-43=0~0 18 tournaments
StreetSoccer 1514 13 games - - +9-4=0~0 2 tournaments
Breakthrough 1491 7 games - - +5-2=0~0 1 tournaments
Lines of Action 1500 3 games - - +2-1=0~0 0 tournaments
Havannah 1795 686 games - 22. +487-199=0~0 189 tournaments
Catchup 1516 45 games - 83. +26-19=0~0 17 tournaments
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