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Name: PikachuDeep_c
Registered: 2018-11-26
Lastconnect: 2021-11-04 08:36
Address:   Germany
Info: Hello, im Chicagos and wrote a bot for "Einstein würfelt nicht" (yes again, its me :) ). It is a neural network combined with an expectimax search. If you want to play against my AI or if you have your own AI and want to compare it with mine, please sent me invitations for 3Points matches. I will accept all invitations and I also play every day. Just contact me to Chicagos because I play many games and could miss a message. And of course good luck and have fun :)
Membership: Not a member
Number of moves: 17912

Player's statistics
Game Rating Games Championship level Infinite order Won/Lost/Drawn/InP rogress Tournaments
EinStein würfelt nicht! 1820 382 games - 88. +267-115=0~0 89 tournaments
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