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  • A game of Y, the object being to connect the three sides of a triangle. The difference lies in the fact that the pieces are letters rather than “stones”.
  • Letter tiles are colored black/white on opposite sides.
  • First player gets to choose his (randomly generated) rack.
  • Players form words with letter tiles from their rack and possibly but not necessarily letters already on the board.
  • At the end of player's turn, letters used from the rack are replaced randomly from a pool of known letters.
  • The letters placed on the board must form a new word, but may be a single letter if player is unable to find a word. Note that (unlike Scrabble) letter exchanges are not permitted.
  • There is no preferred direction of play - words may be “written” right to left, in circles etc. The words do not have to touch words/letters already on the board.
  • Letters that touch letters already on the board do not have to form a word.
  • If the player uses one or more of his opponent's letters to form a word, that player can choose one of these letters to "flip" to his own color.
  • However, if the word is placed in a straight line, all the used opponent’s letters "flip".
  • When a player makes a winning play (“Atari”, indicated by a +), opponent has one additional move to break the connection. The software at Little Golem does not permit a play that fails to break the connection after an “Atari”.
  • The word list used for verification is SOWPODS.