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Games were 8x8 but the description says 9x9
  • Ed Collins at 2020-07-25

    When I pull up the list that shows all of my Four In A Row games, the description for all of them says they are 9x9 games.  But that's not correct.  All but these few that I just started, are all 8x8 games.

    Known bug?

  • pa1201 at 2020-07-26

    I noticed that too. Dunno why that is. And I also noticed how the 7x6 board is on this site called 6x7 and that hurt my eyes a lot. The first few mins I really thought it was 6x7! 7x6 is so boring and the best players never experiment or take any risks!

    One more thing! Just need to mention this. The Championships are NOT championships in taking the longest time per game. Some players seem to take ages between every move, they can even come online and do not make this SIMPLE MOVE in their only game, all despite only one column left.

    I wish more players can show respect to the community and finish their games a bit earlier. Come on. Such a small effort and many players are waiting for the new Championship to start and need to wait for a simple game to finish!

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2021-01-04

    Ed, I noticed the bug too, I recommend you send a message to Richard, he might fix it.  (?)

  • Nagy Fathy ★ at 2021-01-05

    Sorry for my question, but which description that is wrong?

  • ypercube ★ at 2021-01-05

    Seems to be the description of four in a row games that started before December 2015. I can see in my list (and Nagy's) that games after about that time show correct description. All games prior show wrong (9x9).

  • Nagy Fathy ★ at 2021-01-05

    Thank you ypercube for the explanation, I did not check my games before 2016, so it looked OK for me, but when I checked Ed's profile, I found all his games but only three are before 2016, that is why he was wondering.

    Then it is not a current bug, and nothing needs to be fixed, unless we want to deal with our historical games.

  • ypercube ★ at 2021-01-05

    it's a bug alright. Not sure when it appeared though.

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