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  • player3 at 2015-08-02

    y im not in even tho i signed up ?

  • fhourplay at 2015-08-03

    Maybe your signup got lost in one of the many site crashes?! When

  • fhourplay at 2015-08-03

    is the last time you saw the “Remove me” link in the championship section?

  • player3 at 2015-08-09

    idk exactly, as Im not playing other games or monthly I checked every few weeks only. bit disappointed now as Id finally be in 1st league

    challenge to all participants there, idc if signed up or not

  • player3 at 2015-08-09

    every1 of you got two invites of 4ir, one for each color. consider my yellow game against you (fhourplay) as resigned

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