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New Board Sizes
  • Recalcitrant at 2015-05-27

    The rollback earlier caused my previous thread, made around 3 days ago, to also be deleted.  I would love to see the addition of new board sizes for four in a row, such as 9x9, 9x7, 8x9, and 10x10. Multiple sizes could be added just like in dots and boxes (and keep the championship in 8x8 unless enough people want that to change as well at some point in the future). 8x8 is practically solved and must be boring for a lot of older players. I think adding new board sizes will make a lot of players interested in playing the game again, as there seems to be little activity in four in a row at the moment.

  • Loony at 2015-05-27

    And once again I agree for your proposition, 9x9 and 10x10 sound cool.

    But, you know, Four in a row is really really active compared to other games at littlegolem nowadays..

  • jl579 at 2015-05-30

    Yes, I like to see different board sizes for this game, as I think each different size will give the game different objectives…

  • Recalcitrant at 2015-12-03

    It looks like we have 9x9 now! Pretty awesome to finally have a new board size (as fhourplay recently solved 8x8).

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2015-12-03

    There is classic 6x7 size variant for infinity tournament too.

  • santi at 2015-12-03

    compleatly agree Recalcitrant!

  • Absolute_Zero at 2016-02-19

    Was completely caught off guard with the new boards. I was playing my games in the tournament, and at first, I didn't notice I was playing on a 9x9, so I basically played as if it were still a 8x8. I only noticed the change halfway into my games.

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