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donate points
  • santi at 2015-03-09

    I think it would be great if we could donate points to other players.

    I would donate points for those players in need, for example:

    - those who need to play against themselfs to add 2 or 3 points to his main account

    - those who “have to” play only with red because it is easier.

    - those who… nah, just the previous groups

    we need to help them.

    Lets convert them into players who enjoy playing into a better LG community.

    dont you think?

    here you have 6 points!  Congrat!!


  • _syLph_ at 2015-03-09

    That's not a solution, it would simply result in players creating multiple accounts in order to donate to their main accounts. The point of a rating is to display a players strength but it wouldn't be accurate anymore. Being able to turn games unrated whenever you win would be a better solution with a similar approach, although I still find it silly. Littlegolem lacks admins who can stop any forms of cheating is what I think.

  • santi at 2015-03-09

    My suggestion is not a suggestion, but irony.

    I don't care about them, every one choose how to “enjoy” and how to stay in peace themselves.They need one more point than you, they don't need respect, they don't need feel they deserve that rating, they don't need to enjoy playing, they don't need…  to play.I just want to challenge myself and to play against nice opponents.

  • bandicoot__91 at 2015-03-14

    I think that the webmaster should instaure some rules to accept when the player is registrating, just to respect the ranking, or to use the website correctly, for the merit of our own ranking and for others, for a true competition and enjoying games. Maybe it already exists, I don't remember.

    Good games,


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