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everybody resigned!
  • MisterCat at 2013-11-06

    I innocently entered a 4ir monthly cup, and everybody resigned! Do I have bad breath, or something??

    This sort of thing happen here a lot?

  • FatPhil at 2013-11-07

    Repeated resigning after 2 or 3 moves is a 99% certain indicator of trying to dump ratings. (Resigning after 0 or 1 moves has no effect on ratings.)

    It goes deeper than those that you've played against, way, way, way deeper.

    The ultimate source of points seems to be filoula10
    rated 526, destined to never win a game

    tchougade, rated 867, has the job of taking points off the above, and passing them upwards

    kanita, rated 1063, has the job of taking points off those two, and passing them upwards:

    LittleAshley, rated 1295, seems next in the pecking order, taking points from those three and passing them up:

    elitaine, rated 1438, seems to come after that, taking points from those four, and passing them up:

    Not only do they have poor ratings, but they're so good at resigning on demand that they are still steadily dropping as their points are milked out of them:

    victoria31, rated 1619, seems next, taking points off those five, and passing them on up, apparently to GuzelMoon and maybe a couple of others:

    GuzelMoon, rated 1829, seems to be a nett receiver of points from those six
    however, he does regularly pass points on up to both
    WhiteListe: http://www.littlegolem.net/jsp/info/player_game_list.jsp?gtid=fir&
    Play4Fun: http://www.littlegolem.net/jsp/info/player_game_list.jsp?gtid=fir&plid=36245

    I'm not entirely sure what their ultimate role is yet, part from just being a sink for points passed up by the previous seven accounts I've mentioned, as they do seem to play long games against each other. So they might actually be two separate humans, rather than just one infinitely sad loser. More investigation would needed.

    It's clearly a nest of cooperating accounts as big as the old Jamaican Posse from a few years back. As soon as someone comes up with an appropriate name for the gang, I shall flag all of the accounts in RoRoRo's records, such that they will stick out in the HTML version of his predictions.

    Apparently, they started trying to milk RoRoRo for points, and then realised there were diminishing returns, and therefore multiple accounts were necessary:
    RoRoRo's massively over-rated presently, presumably as he's being handed victories from resignations.

    Thanks for reporting this, it's good that everyone knows who or what they are playing against.

  • Russ Williams at 2013-11-07

    Interesting detective work!

    What a strange hobby someone has to go to all that work just to manipulate a game website's rating system. How odd and pointless.

  • MarleysGhost at 2013-11-07

    If the NSA had Phil on their team they wouldn't need nearly so much data.

    But I don't think that's going to happen. :)

  • FatPhil at 2013-11-07

    Thank you for both compliments!

  • FatPhil at 2013-11-07

    Credit where credit is due - kpato first spotted the blip on the radar in his
    “do not play with Courage13, Dulcinea and WinaWina” thread.
    Quoth kpato: “not sure but Littleashley is fake as well.”

  • Play4Fun at 2013-11-09

    Hi FatPhil,

    I don't know why these players always resign the games. I am new on Little Golem, and i don't know how to avoid to play against them.
    I put some of them in my black list, but it doesn't work. So i've decided to limit players that have +/- 300 around my point, but it doesn't avoid all of them specially in the montly cup where we can't avoid some players.

    What is the best solution to play games and avoid the players who resign?



  • ypercube ★ at 2013-11-09

    You can't avoid anyone in monthly cups. You can always subscribe for a new cup, if your opponents resign.

  • FatPhil at 2013-11-09

    @Play4Fun: Thanks for chipping in, and welcome to LG.

    Sorry if my comment above looks like an accusation (because it does look like one upon re-reading). Fortunately your contribution to this thread provides an enormous amount of information which makes the situation much easier to understand.

    You seem to be doing everything that you can do.

    I have RoRoRo programmed to resign on move 0 or move 1 every time he's playing against a member of a know gang of cheaters, that way he doesn't take part (even on the receiving side) in any transfer (playing a guessing game that they will always resign and you'll gain points leads to posssible exploitation where they, rated 500, suddenly start playing to win, and then absolutely annihilate your rating - so it's best not to even play a move).

    Generally the situation resolves itself through good old-fashioned shame. The little game that's being played has been discovered, and is now publically known. Typically one of two things happens:
    1) the fool behind the sock-puppets dives into the thread, acts like a 5-year old, insults everything, and fucks off. (Usually changing nickname a couple of times, or introducing new sock-puppets.)
    2) there is a deep embarassment and a change of heart, and everything resolves itself amicably.

    We ride the bumps as they come. This is a relatively minor one.

  • Play4Fun at 2013-11-09

    Thanks for your answer, and your precision. I didn't know that play no move was the solution. At my first read, i've not been careful that “Resigning after 0 or 1 moves has no effect on ratings.”

    Thks for your advise.

  • FatPhil at 2013-11-13

    RoRoRo tells me that indeed he can confirm they are all sock-puppets.

    Et il m'a dit qu'ils sont français.

  • MisterCat at 2013-12-23

    Hmmn… my thread from many moons ago; didn't realize there were replies here; not always hangin' in this forum; somewhat enlightening reading, so thanks. I'm just as baffled as others; this is a f#ing GAME with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT STAKE; pathetic, sad, losers are lurking about.

  • Christian K at 2014-02-05

    if it can make someone so angry it is surely not hard to imagine that it can make someone else happy? :)

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