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Is solved the conect 4 in 8x8 board ?
  • Jose Maria Grau Ribas ★ at 2003-02-21

    A question: Is solved the conect 4 in 8x8 board ¿Which is the theoretical result?

  • Ed Collins at 2003-02-21

    No, I’m almost positive the 8x8 board has NOT yet been solved. I’ve never come across or read anything about it being solved. The 7x6 board, yes, which is a win for the first player. But not 8x8.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the 8x8 board was a win for the 2nd player. I’d be interested in hearing if some of the stronger 8x8 players feel the same way.

  • Szandor at 2003-02-23

    Ed – I tend to agree. I also have the impression that in games between experienced players the second player has a higher win rate.

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