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software to practice.
  • KPT ★ at 2009-01-17

    there is any software
    of Four in row.

    but 8x8????


  • wccanard at 2009-01-18

    You can just start lots of games against rororo...

  • KPT ★ at 2009-01-18

    always play the same moves.

  • wccanard at 2009-01-18

  • FatPhil at 2009-01-18

    RoRoRo does not always play the same moves. If there are equal evaluations, it selects randomly from them. The evaluations are so grainy that I’d have thought there would be many times where his game tree bifurcates.

  • wccanard at 2009-01-18

    Phil: I’m about to sit down and analyse a bunch of games from this site that took place between two very strong players. Would RoRoRo be interested in an opening book?

  • wccanard at 2009-01-18

    By “analyse” I just mean “look at what openings were played”, nothing more profound than that.

  • wccanard at 2009-01-18

    :-/ I got as far as writing a python class ducks under Phil’s swipe which, given a list like 4,4,5,6,4,3,5 can interpret it as a game (and see who won, if anyone, and so on). I’ll have to suck the data down another day.

  • halladba at 2009-01-18

    @FatPhil: you could for instance make RoRoRo chose randomly one move among them which evaluation Ev satifies: Ev – min >= (max – min)*coef. with min being the value of worse rated move(s) and max the value of best rated move(s), coef is a “diversity factor” which you have currently set to one. For instance 0.9 would enable more diversity while still playing good moves. The moves are non optimal according to the algorithm you use (minmax most likely), but the algorithm does not know the real value of moves. The approximation of the approximation does not necessarily leads to worse results.

  • MisterCat ★ at 2011-02-02

    OK guys, maybe this will help out.

    Ossie Manners is some British geek (pardon the phrase) who’s putting a bunch of free software out at his site:

    His Dots and Boxes is a nice little program; beats me, but that’s not saying much.

    His 3dTicTacToe (Qubic) is also nice; I used that one for years in a class I taught for kids. However, the software seems to have some bug – I think OS level, since I’ve found it will work, but then stop working; I gave up on that (maybe I’ll shoot the guy and email).

    His n-in-row is of relevance here, since it gets you traditional Connect4, OUR 4-in-a-row, Go-moku, and other stuff – there’s parameters it lets you set, and also some presets. It plays pretty well – beats me at fir (again, that’s not saying much).

    I haven’t tried his other stuff, but he obviously wants to give away his software that he’s proud of, so check him out, if you haven’t already.


  • MisterCat ★ at 2011-02-03

    and here’s another one if you can speak German; I can’t, but managed to figure out how to set the size to 8x8. Somewhere in there is a strength setting, but I don’t speak the language!


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