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How to delete an account?
  • Santiago Méndez Heres at 2006-11-04

    I want to delete my account. Anybody knows how to do it? I have send a message to the webmaster but haven´t recibed any answer.

  • Ed Collins at 2006-11-04

    It is not possible to delete your own account. You’ve done the only thing you can do... sending a message to the site administrator.

  • ypercube ★ at 2006-11-04

    You can also resign all your games and never login again. I think the option of deleting an account would NOT be good. What happens to the games they were played by this account? Will they show that they were played by a deleted account?

    What’s wrong if you just don’t use it any more?

  • Dvd Avins at 2006-11-04

    Perhaps he made more than one account and now realizes that was wrong.

  • Ed Collins at 2006-11-04

    That’s what I accidentally did, more than four years ago:

  • Santiago Méndez Heres at 2006-11-06

    Dvd Avins, I had made an account time ago, and now since two weeks I´m playing for an university subject, so I wanted to restart with a new account in the same conditions, 1500 rating. This is the only reason why I wanted to delete this account. I thought it would be easier to delete the other user sending a message to the administrator.

    Now I will follow the indications of ypercube, resigning all my games and never login again with this account.

    Thanks everybody :D

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