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Unwanted "Auto-move"
  • jakster at 2005-09-06

    Yesterday I made a bad move in a game that was pretty stupid, but I really couldn´t remember actually making that move, I thought I was getting old...
    Today I found out what happened, when I use the last visited sites from my browser and I choose the actual last move, somehow that move is instantly repeated, the same row is choosen and the move is send to BGG.
    This ruined as second game for me today.
    Has anyone ever had the same problem (I´m using AOL 9.0)?

  • Gregorlo at 2007-04-27

    Moving in LG is sending an specific URL to the server. If you visit that specific page again and you send to the server the moving code, you are indeed sending the move.

    Be careful when sending URLs to the server :)

  • Gregorlo at 2007-04-27

    oooops, I didn’t want to reply a post of 2 years ago... when I replyed to another topic this one emerged (as usually) and I replyed ;)

    I needed a coffee this morning ;)

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