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Any others sides www with "four in a row" ??
  • Grom pl Pedro at 2004-04-07

    Does anyone know other side with my favourite game “four in a row” ???
    Usually I play at Polish side (6x7)

  • Ed Collins at 2004-04-07

    As you’re probably aware, the 6x7 game has been solved. offers the 8x8 version.

  • Ed Collins at 2004-04-08

    Oh, in addition to It’s Your Turn, there’s also Gold Token. ( The 8x8 game is also played there, along with several other variants.

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2004-04-08

    4 in a row is very common on game servers, and can also be played on (Norwegian) and (Swedish).

  • Grom pl Pedro at 2004-04-09

    thx for your answers and I invite you to (its also in english)

  • Hjallti at 2004-04-21 also offers a few variants (like deleting the bottom row when it is filled, or playing with 4 direction gravity)

  • grade1teacher at 2004-04-21

    Goldtoken has more four in a row variants than any other site, at least of the sites I’m aware of. They have standard 4iar, plus 6 other variations of the game: Hotspot, Quicksand, Blackhole, Double Trouble, Zero-Gravity, and Giveaway.

  • Hjallti at 2004-04-29

    At itsyourturn you don’t need to become a member to play them all, at goldtoken you can only play the plane game for free

  • Strawberry_Sunshine at 2004-05-04

    itasyourturn is limted to number of moves without membership. goldtoken may limit the varations to members but atleast if theres a problem its solved. Whether your a member or not. Alot of nice people there and membership isn’t expensive. Three different levels to choose from. Either for 6 months or a year.

  • grade1teacher at 2004-05-04

    I agree with you, Strawberry Sunshine. The move limits for nonmembers at its your turn makes it very frustrating, not only for nonmembers, but even for members. I paid for a membership there for two years, and I avoided playing nonmembers as much as possible because of those move limits. Now I am not a member so I do have the move limits. One day last week, they did not give me any moves, and one of my ladder games timed out because of it. I emailed them, but of course got no reply.

    Goldtoken, in my opinion, is a much better site and the one I now have a paid membership on.

  • Strawberry_Sunshine at 2004-05-05

    With GoldToken if your game times out because of an illness you can get it back. They do reply to problems. I am happy to be a member there and plan on being a memeber there for a very long time.

  • BuilderQ at 2004-05-14 has four in a row, there called line4, as well as the variants linetris, spider line4, and anti line4. All can be played for free, with no move restricions (non-paying members are limited to 20 games at any one time).

  • SpongeBob at 2004-06-13 is one!

  • BuilderQ at 2004-06-14 has real time games, including four in a row (on a 6x9 board).

  • entr0py at 2007-02-01

    A couple good ones that doesn’t list are: (german) and (danish). Inetplay has a few masters/GM’s, and tv2 has several. Both are 7x6 (7 columns, 6 rows), and both are real-time. Kurnik has grandmaster-level tournaments, but otherwise is downhill. These days Blip is probably the best, or possibly flyordie.

  • entr0py at 2007-02-03

    does anyone know how to register for the Norwegian site ? I’m having trouble on the “register ny bruker” section, where it asks, “I hvilket land ligger oslo?” I’ve tried typing many places, but it won’t work.

  • Robin at 2007-02-03

    My Norwegian isn’t very good at all(hehe), but I think you are being asked “In which country is Oslo?” to which the answer should be “Norway” or rather “Norge” which is the Norwegian name for the country if I’m not mistaken.

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