3-player Connect 6 Gomoku, Connect6

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3-player Connect 6
  • estevao at 2008-02-08

    If played on a bigger board than we have currently, I believe that playing with three players may prove to be an interesting, complex variation on C6.

    All rules remain the same, except:

    The board is large (39x39 at minimum).

    Three players (add a color in).

    I've tried this out by myself, and come up with interesting results…

    You need 7 threats to win, instead of 3.

    An open-3 is a double-threat.

    Player 1 makes a triple-threat move - Player 2 can ignore it and force Player 3 to block!

    Because of the nature of strength in the turn rotation, it would take 6 games to have an “even” series.

  • ypercube at 2008-02-09

    Reading the above, I've just thought of this variation of Connect6:

    Player-1 plays 1 stone.

    Player-2 plays 2 stones.

    Player-3 plays 3 stones.

    From then, every player plays 3 stones.

    The winner is the one who has 6 (or more) in a row, just like Connect6.

  • ypercube at 2008-02-09

    Reading again estevao's post, perhaps he did mean too that every player places 3 stones per turn.

    Did you mean that, estevao?

  • estevao at 2008-02-12

    Yes, that's what I meant…I thought I had put it in the original post but I guess I hadn't :P

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