Invite C6 players for submitting your moves on XX-K7 opening Gomoku, Connect6

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Invite C6 players for submitting your moves on XX-K7 opening
  • euhuang ★ at 2008-01-09

    Below I am forwarding a letter from Prof. I-Chen Wu.


    Recently, noticed by our dear Connect6 players, we found a new interesting opening XX-K7, played in LG (〈=en

    Since White plays too far away, it seems that Black wins. However, is this true?

    For fun, interested players are welcome to submit your solutions for this opening by sending to us at or by January 20, 2008. If you can find the winning moves or the reason of not winning or your answers are intriguing in some way, we will also announce your names (or your nicknames) and answers when we publicize our answers, roughly at the end of this month.

    (A nice page for inputting game records and getting formats is in For example, type “j10 h8 k7”. Only a couple Chinese words! You must be able to guess. :) )

    Have fun and good luck.

    I-Chen Wu

  • z at 2008-01-09


    The Java applet fails to load under FireFox/Linux and FireFox/OSX :(

    I'll give it a try under Windows later.

  • z at 2008-01-10

    Ugh… it only works under IE.

  • ypercube ★ at 2008-01-10

    Firefox/WinXP fails too for me too.

  • euhuang ★ at 2008-01-10


    It is just a web game board for players to try different moves - nothing to do with the XX-K7 opening nor to submit your solution. So, you can simply forget it. Just submit your solution to the designated email addresses.

  • euhuang ★ at 2008-01-15

    Below the NTCU Connect6 Group creates a dynamic board (on which players can trace all the moves up to the steps loaded). You can see directly on this webpage the XX-k7 opening.

  • euhuang ★ at 2008-01-15

    Woops, the dynamic board doesn't work here.

  • euhuang ★ at 2008-01-22

    The XX-K7 opening has been verified that there are at least 3 ways of Black 3rd move for a sure win. It is shown on〈=en.

    Here are a few other Joseki opening discussion on that site. The research is led by Professor I-Chen Wu and systematically conducted by the Connect6 Working Group, Internet Application Technology Laboratory, Department of Comp. Science, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan.

  • z at 2008-01-23


  • z at 2008-01-23


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