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Connect6 Game of the Year 2007
  • euhuang ★ at 2008-01-01

    All LG C6 players - Happy New Year!!

    I just want to encourage C6 players' networking/interaction by proposing to nominate the “C6 Game of the Year 2007”. Everyone can nominate your one or a few C6 games on LG which has the great (smartest, unbelievable, …) game strategy/tactics, and then share with the rest of us. I think, through this, players have better chances to learn from each other, and the gems won't be buried among such a high volume of games played each year.

    Start from me, I nominate this game #690515 - Marsh Song vs. richu333 in the 3rd C6 Championship tournament. richu333 is very creative and even “bold” to make move 6, and finishes with good c6 tactics.

    Please nominate your favorite game(s). It is not necessary to have only ONE “Game of the Year 2007”, as we can hardly get consensus which one is. Nevertheless, just want to share my view.

  • ondik at 2008-01-02

    Good idea.. I will watch some games when I have time and then nominate the most interesting ones ;)

    Marsh Song - richu game: yeah, I liked his sixth move, although I think Marsh shouldn't have lost after such move.. anyway gg.

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