BUG in connect 6 Gomoku, Connect6

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BUG in connect 6
  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2007-12-07

    I believe this is a bug…In all other games at little golem, if a player resigns on their first move, they lose zero rating points. However, in Connect 6, black does not have the chance to resign until move “3”, and when black resigns at move “3”, littlegolem penalizes that player's rating.

  • z at 2007-12-08

    good catch!

  • Gregorlo at 2007-12-08

    it has been discussed before. It's a pity, yes :(

  • Gregorlo at 2007-12-08

    same with Go Monthly Cups… first move is placing the handicap, and you can't resign.

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