4th c6 Championship Gomoku, Connect6

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4th c6 Championship
  • dodo at 2007-12-03

    richu333 and zhangying also patriot didnt register this time,11 other player will fight for chianpion,ondik and jinjinlkj seem to be out for some days already,and which guy would won? :)

    My personally guess… what are your tips?

    1. Delanote Dag, 2. Russian boy, 3. Marsh Song

  • Andrey at 2007-12-03




    :-)) How many clones in 1st league, does anybody know?

  • ondik at 2007-12-03

    Don't worry your C6 IDOL is back ready to kick everyone's ass!

    haha, just kidding, didn't play at all last months, so my aim is to stay in first league.

    Old school for the win!

    1. Andrey, 2. Marsh Song, 3. Russian boy (only if richu isn't playing under some secret nick)

    GL HF

  • dodo at 2007-12-04

    aha,ondik came back~

    i think there are only one clones in 1st league.i dont know why patriot missed this tour.

  • Russian boy at 2007-12-07

    1. Ondik

    2. Marsh

    3. Andrey

    Good luck!

  • ypercube ★ at 2007-12-07

    My vote goes to Andrey.

  • euhuang ★ at 2007-12-10

    I wonder why it is taking so long for C6 league 1 players to make a move on current 4th C6 Championship. As I look back at previous Champ games, all of the 1st Champion games were almost finished right before the LG system big crash (around 2006-07-20). So, I would say it could take less than 3 months to complete, although record shows it starts on 2006-05-07 and ends on 2006-09-26. And it took the 2nd Champ ~3.5 months to complete (2006-10-23 till 2007-02-08). Then, it took the 3rd Champ slightly less then 8 months to complete (2007-4-02 till 2007-11-26), although on 2007-5-31 we already knew richu333 would be the Champion.

    For over a week, none of the 4th C6 Champ games has more then 10 moves!! Most are still under 5! Except for inactive player, what's in your minds? Observing, analyzing, and hope to make the smartest moves? By playing so slowly, I kind of feel the fun of playing games is almost spoiled. Please don't let snails beat us.

  • ondik at 2007-12-11

    i guess it's because they dont want to lose their games so quickly as i do every championship haha

  • Russian boy at 2007-12-15

    In my opinion, the idea not to play so fast is to wait when other players makes first moves. There are a lot of openings with surewins. It's difficult for me to put first 10 stones. If i pass the beginning, the chance to win increase. Also, a lot of players makes the same beginning - just finding the same opening in Championship. As a result, i play not with my opponent, but with the other good guys :). Good Luck and wish you win me at the very beginning, otherwise ….. -)

  • ondik at 2007-12-15

    actually i always lose game as first to show you have a chance against me. Would be boring to think i'm unbeatable and play with fear, wouldn't? :P

  • Chaosu at 2008-04-03

    Congratulations to euhang!

  • euhuang ★ at 2008-04-04

    Thank you Chaosu, and thank all the serious & skillful players who made the tournament interesting and fun to play. The championship result is hard to predict, isn't it?

    We can find some good moves in the 4th Champ tournament. Sorry I cannot list all of the good moves here, just a few examples below:









    For the next championship, I hope every qualified players can stay, and richu333 and Patriot can rejoin the Championship games.

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