The 2nd Annual NCTU-cup Connect6 open tournament just finished (2007/8/26) Gomoku, Connect6

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The 2nd Annual NCTU-cup Connect6 open tournament just finished (2007/8/26)
  • euhuang ★ at 2007-08-27

    The 2nd annual NCTU-Cup (National Chiao-Tung Univ.) C6 open tournament was held on 2007/8/26 in HsinChu, Taiwan, where the NCTU is located. The Tournament drew total 92 players to compete in A,B two Groups (Group A: 30 players, Group B: 62 players). The LG nicknames of the top 4 winners of Group A are:

    1st Place: Ward (he is a Taiwanese, although appears as USA nationality)

    2nd place: LIN MIN

    3rd place: ntcbman

    4th place: zhi-zhi Huang

    Congratulations to them. Prof. I-Chen Wu, Chairman of this Tournament, is glad that Connect6 game is getting more popular and drawing more public attention in Taiwan and somewhere around the world.

    The information of this Tournament is posted on here. As I know some of the Tournament games may be posted onto this site weeks later.

  • euhuang ★ at 2007-08-27

    The 4th place should be zhi zhe Huang. Sorry for my typo.

  • jian at 2007-08-27

    Ward is not a LG nickname,isn't it?

  • z at 2007-08-27


  • Andrey at 2007-08-29

    My congratulations!

  • safe at 2008-01-20

    ANdrey i have tried to sign up at Gamblers many times over the years ..i speak and read and write English French Spanish and Chinese but Ruzzian Ni Pretz Ni I O … i live outside of North Pole Alaska, how do i get signed up ..once i managed to down load everything and make it to the site and my computer crashed is there some easier way to sign in planned in the next ten years or so?

  • Andrey at 2008-01-21

    Safe there is no big sense to sigh up at gambler. There is nothing interesting at all. There is no gomoku players.

    But if you wanna see gambler, try this java version client (for Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP/Vista) or (for Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS)

    Installation(windows): extract to some folder then open this folder and double click at gclient. Then input any login to uper field(first log in=registration) and password to field below and press big button. That is all.

    P.S. Only interest there is embedded program(tito-winner of gomoku programs competition 2007). It has there name sneezy.

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