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new rules ?
  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2003-06-11

    Because black player has still advantage in game there are two suggestions:

    1. restricted area for thrird move will be larger

    2. first player setup first three,four or five stones and second player choose side

    Your opinions ?

  • Barry at 2003-06-11

    Why not allow in tourements for each player to play two games against each other opponent, in a rating tournement this would mean 6 games as against 3 at present, in a bigger tourney such as the championship, as long as there is an odd number of competitors then each player plays the same number of times as black and white.

  • Barry at 2003-06-11

    Richard do you have any statistics from the site to show how much of an advantage it is to go first, (1) in games between top players 1600+, (2) in games between players below 1600.

  • hector at 2003-06-11

    I like the first suggestion (restricted area

    for third move will be larger), because

    it is simple (and so nice), but

    don't sure that possible balance the game.

    I think try it, but I haven't got idea,

    what is the best area (shape) for it.

  • hector at 2003-06-12

    Perhaps for the first time good idea increase the restricted area with g11, i13, k13, m11, m9, k7, i7, g9 points.

  • Barry at 2003-06-12

    Isn't it a feature of a lot of different games, that the person going first has a slight advantage, rather than changing the rules, why not make sure that everyone has equal turns going first and second.

  • iec at 2003-06-26

    what about simple swap option for white on some move, f.e. after 5th move? and shouldnt ratings be reset after the change? :P

  • István Virág at 2003-07-04

    Hello All!

    The best way to equalize the game Gomoku is to use Swap Option at the start. First player set up 3 (or 5) stones on the board and white player has right to swap sides. Of course in this situation white player has slight advantage (ih he is God, he has sure win). This rules keep all previous gomoku theory, anybody can play any gomoku starting pattern.

    But if we increase restricted area then we decrease opening possibilities and we cannot try old theories for suprise the opponent :)))

    The professional variant of Gomoku is renju also use Swap option on the opening phase.

    yours, Istvan Virag

  • LZJ at 2003-07-29

    IMHO Gomoku should be let as simple as possible (or as is now).

    To get realy equal game would be better to implement complete Renju rules than to invent another 5-in-row variant.

    I only don't know whether it's possible or how much it's difficult (double 3, double 4 or overline prohibited for black).


  • xespok at 2003-08-09

    I favor the swap option after the fifth move. The second white move should be restricted to the vicinity of the first black stone. This rule is quite widely used among the better players. This would also make it possible to withdraw any restictions of the openings. The time and experience would tell which openings are well balanced at which playing level.

    I would also include the restriction for the overline that is 6 or more in a row for both players, mostly because gomoku is played using these rules at most places.

    I would also favor the 15x15 board size since the games can get way too long on 19x19 boards which is unnecessary in turn-based games.

    What would really enhance the playability at this site, would be if one could give whole branches of moves in one move. The simplest variant in gomoku would be to fill in the fifth move automatically if one gets a “four-in a row”. Filling in the fifth stone does not need any time to think about. Another step in this direction would be to allow the input of whole branches, like if my opponent places F5 in response to my move than I put G6 and if my opponent puts D6 I put E6 or if his response is E5 than I put D5 and so on. Of course a novel interface should be developed for this. I think games would be shorter using these simple modifications. In addition this latter remark applies to many other games. I really hate those players who realize that they had lost and instead of resignation pull on time by various methods.

    Keep up the good work!


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