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  • iec at 2006-10-20

    I am wondering what do you think about some players in c6, who intend to play only some games and in others they usually resign very fast, this makes their rating very deflated.

    For example:


    - this one a lot


    - this one partially


    - this one usually

    What is the purpose? Does someone understand? ;)

  • Andrey ★ at 2006-10-20

    Well, they must be banned at once. Strange that system cant ban then automatically. It is needable.

  • Andrey ★ at 2006-10-20

    They resign to those who has less than 1500 and try their best playing against 1500+ players. Weakest is signing in almost every mounth championship. Must be blocked account for sure.

  • xooox at 2006-10-20

    Strange, as i see - weakest play in a high level but his rate is one of the lowest. I think he is clone of somebody's strong. The idea is to goes down the rate of the opponents.

  • iec at 2006-10-20

    I agree, such players who do it in such visible way like 'weakest' should be banned without pardon.

  • p2 at 2006-10-20

    This is a shady trick practised by a few players to rob top players' rating points so that their primary ids may get a better rank. I presume it not only annoys many players here but also discourages people from participating in monthly cup tournaments.

  • Andrey ★ at 2006-10-21

    Yes, dont forget about players that are making new nick when see someone from top10 signed in month tournoment.

    It was more than 6 times(maybe much more) with me when i see in my group players who has just registered new account(at same day they are registered in tournoment). Obvious in 98% it is players who has already at least 1 account but they wanted to play against top players with new nick.

    The reson can be different.

    Maybe they want as said xooox make someone rating down(knowing that playing against 1500 players you are not so concentrated and thinking as against already known streanth players). Maybe they want try smth new in game, or they get bored to play with one account, or they just havig fun(and now they are laughing looking at our talks, LOL), maybe they just mad or smth else.

    Anyway i dont care much about this facts, just dont like such dirty players.

  • iec at 2006-10-25

    And did you see this?



    strong cafe…letting 2 players play indirect for rating stealing

  • iec at 2006-10-25

    and not only once but another occurence…



  • iec at 2006-10-25

    and trying to trick ondik, I stop looking here better



  • iec at 2006-10-25

    correction, the last one should be:



  • ypercube at 2006-10-26

    Ah, thanx iec, that you found this. I was wondering about weakest's strength. He's using a technique that was used some years ago by one or two hex players. There are two ways to respond to this:

    1) The webmaster blocks his account (if the master is convinced of this unappropriate behaviour)

    2) All players play against this player ver slowly, meaning they move only when the clock goes down to less than 24 hours. He will then have to eventually play a move of his own or use his vacation days. When all his vacation days are gone, he'll have to play some moves of his own.

  • Andrey ★ at 2006-10-26

    We cant say smth about weakest streanth. Couse noone doesnt care seriously playing with such player. The main is the championship standings. I think weakest can be just some poor program with avarage tactics engine, or just 1700 player. But top players even dont think a 10 seconds on move playing with him or someone else with small rating. But anyway, he must be banned, and will be also rigth to ban all his nicks if it is possible to know them.

  • iec at 2006-10-26

    Andrey, did you look at the examples? You are missing the point, we are not speaking about his strength. I dont care about his strength, but I found he plays two stronger players (based on rating) and makes them play against eachother without knowing that, with the result one is robbed of points, which he then gives to 1500 players by resigning early.

  • ondik at 2006-10-26

    Yes, at first i missed the point too but then i looked at the examples… that's funny :-)

  • Andrey ★ at 2006-10-26

    Well done iec, good investigation. But i have not found dublicated game that he played with me.

  • iec at 2006-10-26

    May be different account or different server, some other approach or just did beat you alone, who knows ;)

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