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Connect6 - board dimensions
  • Ed Collins at 2006-03-11

    As I write this, I've only completed one game (I'm in the middle of several) but I already think the playing field should be a little larger! 19x19 just doesn't seem large enough!

  • Stanley Kozera at 2006-03-11

    no, its ok :) … but my question is … there wont be any draw in this game ?! there is no option to offer draw in game :)


    icob ;)

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2006-03-11

    Maybe is 19X19 really too small - until now is longest game:


  • anwi at 2006-03-12

    What about 26x26 (A-Z letters)

  • ypercube at 2006-03-12

    The inventor suggests 19x19 and 59x59 !!!

  • anwi at 2006-03-12

    Yes, I know, but 57x57 seems really huge

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2006-03-13

    Or allow draw ?!

  • xyzoo at 2006-03-13

    As for now, 19x19 seems fine. After several thousand games we may decide whether any changes are needed or not. Then maybe just a variant with larger board will be created (as in hex).

  • Ed Collins at 2006-03-20

    I agree. I've changed my mind… at least for the moment.

    I've now completed 37 games and my first game, then one I mentioned in my original post on March 11th, just happened to be my longest game out of all 37! At that time I felt 19x19 was certainly going to be too small, but that size might be fine after all.

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2006-04-13

    First draw #516941

  • Ed Collins at 2006-04-13

    Didn't Black win that game, on move number 123? (It looks like White overlooked it.)

  • Marsh Song at 2006-04-14

    516941? This is not draw.

    Draw is #511813

  • ondik at 2006-04-23

    Hm, have you read official rules at I'm little confused of them, because there is written: “Game winning: The one who first gets six or more consecutive stones (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) of her/his own wins. When all squares on the board are placed without connecting six, the game draws.”

    But few lines below is written: “When all squares on the board are placed without connecting six, the one who has more fives than the other wins. If the number of fives are still the same, the one who has more fours wins, etc.”

    May anybody from Thaiwan will explane me it? :)

  • ondik at 2006-04-23

    Oh, sorry i haven't read all. My bad :P (Note that most current Connect6 professionals play on 19x19 Go boards. However, many of them believe that Connect6 is a draw game. After one or two years, we may need to extend the rule. The current proposals include the following:)

  • euhuang at 2006-04-23

    Ondik, you are right on the 2nd message – Counting numbers of fives & fours to determine the winner of a draw game is just a proposed idea at this moment. If this idea is applied as a rule, the game-winning thinking logic may be a bit different from what we are playing now. Nevertheless, it is still too early to judge now.

  • Marsh Song at 2006-04-24

    euhuang, more easy and natural proposition (Japanese proposition for Renju): the first pass is win (if there is no a winning row). In this case the player who really hold an iniative at the end of a game will be the winner.

  • István Virág at 2006-04-24

    About 10 years ago when I was university student and We had many free time we played this connect6 game a lot. At that time we realized that first player has very strong advantage. So, we used following restriction: placed two stones must not in same line (vert,horiz or diag) with this restriction first player advantage slighter.

  • Russian boy at 2006-04-24

    Hmm…. I think we shouldn't change the rules. The problem is not to make board bigger, but try to be more stronger). As for me, I think in gomoku (LG rules) black stones have more advantage than in Connect6.

  • Andrey ★ at 2006-05-03

    Agree with my compatriot. And cant understand Virags words:“… first player has very strong advantage.”

    Of course i understand that Istvan Virag had already played and analysed all gomoku family games before most of us born and before some games were officially invented, maybe even real inventor of C6 is not Professor I-Chen Wu but Istvan Virag. Can you show us dear Virag that “strong advantage” that you have found playing this game? ;-)) Thanks a lot.

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