New Rule to balance go-moku Gomoku, Connect6

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New Rule to balance go-moku
  • Max at 2006-03-08

    Well, the idea is simple: the White color make another move after the Black's Five, if White build a Five with the last move then the game is draw.

    What do you think?


  • István Virág at 2006-03-08

    it is a different game, no sense to compare it normal gomoku…

    different tactics and strategy

    imagine same rule in chess :)))) if black can mate white after black is mated then it is draw… :)))

  • Max at 2006-03-09

    Ok! But chess is not unbalanced as go-moku.

    I know it will bring new strategies, but …who know?

    Thanks for reply


  • Marsh Song at 2006-03-10

    White has a sure draw after far 2nd move.

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