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  • Russian boy at 2006-03-07

    Hello gomoku players!!!

    What do you think, is it possible to make swap on this site?

  • KPT at 2006-03-08

    whats mean “swap” ?

  • Arrow at 2006-03-08

    “Swap” is a necessity.

  • István Virág at 2006-03-08

    Swap means:

    choosing color (black or white) after 3rd or 5th move.

    It gives a more balanced game.

  • Patriot at 2006-03-10

    Black has a big advantage without swap. Swap lets to play more openings. The game becomes more balanced. The chance to win 50-50% as for black, as for white

  • KPT at 2006-03-11


  • Marsh Song at 2006-05-19

    I guess that the swap in not a proper tool for the concept of this server.

    Another way is to establish an individual prohibited zone for each close 2nd move.

    For example:

    2.k11 prohibit: 3.k14,l14,? (and symmetric) allow: 3.m7,?

    2.j11 prohibit: 3.k14,? allow: ?

    2.k12 prohibit: 3.k14,l14,? allow:?

    2.l12 prohibit: 3.k14,l14,? allow:?

    What do you think?

    It seems that before the introduction of the large prohibited zone, the opening 2.k11 3.j7 was the individual prohibited. So, this way could be proper for Richard.

  • Andrey at 2006-10-19

    We are still all waiting swap here. Now we can play only 30% of interesting game gomoku. So please lets play new championship with swap rule.

  • Marsh Song at 2006-11-10

    Dear players who want to implement swap here. The host and webmaster of this server Richard is able and ready to implement swap. He wrote it at this forum but messages were deleted when server crashed. Unfortunately, Richard is too busy and read this forum too rarely.

    So, if you want to have a swap rule already in new Gomoku championship (that will start very soon) when you have only one way: to send a personal message to Richard at http://www.littlegolem.net/jsp/message/webmaster.jsp.

    My personal message:


    Dear Richard,

    Please implement 3-move swap rule before the start of new Gomoku championship. Many Gomoku players want to have equal games just now.


    I ask all players who want swap to send similar messages to Richard. You can write you own text or just copy my letter.

  • Andrey at 2006-11-10

    Hm, so you advise to spam webmaster?! No way ;-))) Better to spam kurnik's webmaster(kurnik@kurnik.pl) to implement there connect6 :-))

  • Marsh Song at 2006-11-10

    This is not spam. Spam is a distribution of non related information. The interests of players at Richard's server can not be considered as non related to Richard as long as Richard is a host and webmaster.

    The big number of similar messages to Richard will indicate that this problem is not a problem of a single player but the problem of big number of players and quite probably it will force some reaction of Richard.

  • ondik at 2006-11-11

    A change is needed, the reason why i like gomoku more than renju is for its variability - every game is different, there are not being played games similar to “55 moves D11 draw variant”. Unfortunately gomoku here became VERY similar to renju in the case i wrote. Everyone from top rated players plays all the time the same. About a result of a game don't decide players with their skills (at least in first league) but the fact who plays with black.

    So im for “3 moves placed wherever on the board” swap.

  • István Virág at 2006-11-11

    Yes, “3 stones anywhere + swap” or “5 stones anywhere + swap” can be good solution.

    I finished my long pro (current rule) career :-) because of long pro is sure black win, and above rating 2200 this fact easily realizable in offline game :-)

  • Marsh Song at 2006-11-16

    Meanwhile, the last game of Gomoku championship continues.


    It seems that extasy tries to give Richard additional time for the implementation of swap before the start of the next championship.

    But quite probably that heroic attempts of extasy will be unsuccessful.

  • Wang Zhiguo at 2008-07-19

    “Swap” is a necessity.

    my Swap means:

    choosing color (black or white) after 1th move.

    It gives a more balanced game.

    Black has a big advantage without swap. Swap lets to play more openings. The game becomes more balanced. The chance to win 50-50% as for black, as for white

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