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gomoku vs renju
  • Wassily Pupkind at 2005-10-10

    Those who play gomoku well may want to try play renju. The renju is more balanced than gomoku. It has different strategies for black and white, because black has forbidden moves (he cannot make 3x3 fork, 4x4 and overline)

    More info can be found here: http://renju.nu

    You may play renju here:



  • Mikle at 2005-10-20

    Wassilly, learn to play well in the beginning even in gomoku. Then already compare gompoku and renju.

    In Belarus there are good players: Igor Doroshkevich, Feliks Degtyr. Learn at them.:))

    Good luck!

  • Wassily Pupkind at 2005-10-21

    So, you think the gomoku is well balanced here?

    little advice: learn English or at least Albanian before posting :))

  • Arrow at 2005-10-21

    In the best way gomoku it is balanced on a server www.gambler.ru. Because there it is possible to choose color for game after 3 courses. I am sorry for bad English…

  • Wassily Pupkind at 2005-10-22

    I agree with Arrow. Swap rule brings more balance than restriction area.

  • Mikle at 2005-10-29

    Wassily, you discuss rules gomoku or compare gomoku and renju?

    On this site, really, not the best variant corrected gomoku.

    Then it is necessary topic to write Pro vs Swap.


  • Wassily Pupkind at 2005-11-01

    Initially I was comparing renju and gomoku.

    Of course renju is much better than gomoku because of forbidden moves. You can be top gomoku player, but when you come to renju you may notice that 1kyu player beats you easily.

  • Mikle at 2005-11-02

    It as is fair and on the contrary. :))

    The strong renju-player in gomoku plays not strongly.

    I played in gomoku with very strong renju-players and easily them won everything, excluding Meritee. But Meritee is an especial person - the world champion.

    As to my skill to play in renju you here are mistaken.

    I at all do not know the theory, but won a match on renju at V dan. :))

    Difference renju and gomoku will be, that in renju the one who has more learnt theories is stronger. In gomoku the one who thinks better is stronger.

    It is proved to a life. :))

    Excuse me for my bad English.

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