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swap vs. pro opening
  • siena at 2005-09-05

    polling the active and skilled players: which opening would you prefer to play with at this site?

    1. pro opening – with a 7x7 box of forbidden area for black's second move

    2. swap – with black putting down three stones and white deciding which color to play with

    3. swap2 – with black putting down three stones, white putting down two more, and black deciding which color to play with

    we could actually have all three. any preferences?

  • Nevermind at 2005-09-05

    why swap2?

  • vector at 2005-09-06

    Because you can have an advantage with simple swap if the three stones are spread over a wide space – depending on the location of the three stones you may easily see if white or black has an advantage. Swap2, with two more stones, may neutralize this advantage.

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