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Surewin Men
  • orvieto at 2005-05-23

    i suppose now most of you have gottn to know Alex and Andrey (father and son, son and father, or the same person) who constantly play surewins even at the highest level, when you are not supposed to utilize your black advantage blatantly.

    i am happy to announce that my efforts to play surewins against them have come to fruition and Alex is losing 4 games.

    i encourage all of you to do the same as they do; hopefully they will realize that it is more exciting if you play open games not ones with fixed moves.

  • volterra at 2005-08-16

    practically all russian players play surewins. they know them, they apply them, and they do that against high scoring players by choosing black against them.

    this site needs some reform, otherwise all top ten people will be surewin players to the disgrace of the game of gomoku here.

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