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  • kierownik at 2003-02-07

    Hi, i was wondering who had the lowest rating at GoMoku.

    I have 1254 anyone lower post here :D

  • hector at 2003-02-07

    It is great !!


  • kierownik at 2003-02-07

    nobody lower then me :D

  • Malaj at 2003-02-14

    i do not want to disappoint you, kierownik, but if you check the full list, you can see that mark actually has 1220 points. lotta work to do! :D

  • kierownik at 2003-02-23

    Well i got 1199 who is going to beat me :D

  • Barry at 2003-06-11

    We have the most active set of competitors rated under 1400, anywhere on Littlegolem apart from chess, this year so far, 42 Group 6 tournements(for players 1400 and below) have been started in Gomoku, compared with 25 started in Golems word game, 14 in 4in a row and 10 in Hex.

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