strange and bad behaiour of one of players in chaminship Gomoku, Connect6

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strange and bad behaiour of one of players in chaminship
  • Krzysztof (Chris) at 2004-10-13

    As we can see, now we wait for LAST game for finish chamipnship. And… and at least one player behave bvery strange. He have ONLY one game, he is going to LG everyday and…. and NOT move!!! He seems to speccialy delay start of new chamipnship. Everybody can go to tanle odf tournament, see who is on move in last game and see when he was logged. And see that this is his ONLY game in LG…

    i think WebMaster of this site can start new edition.. Why we have to wait for such dull man?

  • Iluvatar at 2004-10-14

    I remember the same happened in the last championship too. I don't remember which players….

    However, don't let it annoy you. Keep playing other games and tournaments while you wait for the next gomoku championship to start. :-)

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2004-10-14

    It was this game that lasted 7 months. ;-)

  • Krzysztof (Chris) at 2004-10-14

    I looked at table of player. It is a lot of “BHUTAN " players with names like Italian cities. And with comments which are tied with Hungary (like: Tokay is in Hungary). And these two annoying fellow are from hungary , too. And i think.. May be someone have SOME nick's and wants to stop start new tournament until his OTHER"bhutan” nicks will be in first 10th ? I see that this player is strong and may be he want to have !st league for him only? IT IS possible.

  • Krzysztof (Chris) at 2004-10-14

    and see that last tournament there was another hungarian player… in this looooong game…

  • Iluvatar at 2004-10-14

    Makes us all a lil bit frustrated…. But this is how turn based games work, so I guess we just have to deal with it.

  • Iluvatar at 2004-10-15

    I don't think this slow playing is something specific for hungarian players. Everybody can be slow, and they are allowed to within the time limits set up by the game site.

    Well, the new championship has started, so nothing more to worry about :-) Good luck everybody!

  • Krzysztof (Chris) at 2004-10-15

    in go -moku THESE palyers was. They were from Hungfary. Players from BHUTAN has hungarian-subject descripiton. So i started suspend it is ONE or TWO people. OF COURSE not all hungarian!!! And they did it from non-understandable reasones.

    THANKS TO RICHARD that new chamipnschip were started!

    and now I think this match which was so slow will go faster…

  • orvieto at 2004-11-07

    Chris, do you still have any problems with players from Hungary under the flag of Bhutan with Italian city name nicks? :D

    I am sure the source of your annoyance came from the fact that you were winning a game that stretched out so long. This might happen for the obvious reason that there are hundreds of games that people play every day, and they are unable to make moves in every single game.

    Give your opponent the benefit of doubt.

    (By the way, I am waiting for the last move of a Vietnamese, a Polish, and an American in three of my games to get my win. But I am not annoyed. Follow my example :D)

  • vector at 2005-09-04

    These games might last longer than seven months.

    Especially the last two. It is evident that ch.8.1.1 will not start before November, making the 7th season in gomoku the longest in the history of LittleGolem.

  • ypercube at 2005-09-04

    Since the first game invloves me and Superman, I'll disappoint you because I plan to win in a few moves!

    Which brings another matter on the table. I've seen the win some days ago and there's no way that I'll forget it or not play to win. Unless of course I have miscalculated somrthing. And today I receive a message from another player - not saying his name for now - that explains to me (!) a winning strategy! Complainining also that my opponent (Superman) is not fair!

    How do people think of that? Isn't this behaviour unfair? What if I hadn't seen the winning moves before? I'm really frustrated. I also remember David Bush having a similar situation at hex (at What would your reaction be?

  • orvieto at 2005-09-04

    oh yeah, life in the forum! :D

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