Pente Gomoku, Connect6

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  • bandicoot__91 at 2015-02-03


    I would like to know if some players would be interested to play the game Pente on this website. This is a great game and I think that if there are enough players interested to play it here, maybe we can convince the moderator to add this game.

    Have great games,JP

  • Loony at 2015-02-03


    Yes, Pente is one of my favourite games. So far I only play Pente at iggamecenter and Would be great to see this game added to littlegolem.



  • _syLph_ at 2015-02-03

    pente, pente, pente!

  • mortenand at 2015-06-29

    I would for sure play pente if it was here.

  • morphles at 2015-06-30

    Yeah pente seems like a nice abstract game :)

  • varegka at 2015-10-03

    I głosować na Pente.I warcaby.

  • richu333 at 2017-05-06

    Pente! I like it!

  • wmbekking at 2017-05-12

    I would love to see pente added to this site. It's a great game

  • T0afer at 2021-03-24

    Late to the game, but I would love playing pente here.

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