Wellcome to Moscow Festival of intellectual games Gomoku, Connect6

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Wellcome to Moscow Festival of intellectual games
  • chentz at 2015-01-05

    Information for all:

    From 31 January to 1 February 2015 in Moscow will host the annual Festival of intellectual games “Larix”. To organize the tournament Connect6 the Festival must participate in at least 5-8 players. The Festival organizers invite you to participate in the tournament Connect6, as well as other games: Go, Renju and others.

    For more information you can contact the Chairman of the Moscow Draughts Federation Andrey Dropash: a8579768@mail.ru

  • alihv at 2015-01-06

    Wow, this is cool. I've found a half-Gig photo archive from 2013 at https://yadi.sk/d/hQa3OA1H2Oyhw .

    Pity I'm only going to be in Moscow later.

    I wish there would be a kid-oriented version of this, like Portuguese Campeonato Nacional de Jogos Matemáticos.

  • varegka at 2015-10-03

    Приглашаю на четвёртый Фестиваль ЛАРИКС 30-31.01.2016Очень хочу видеть на нём коннект6.АндрейI invite you to the fourth Festival 30-31.01.2016 LarixI very much want to see on it konnekt6.Andrei

  • varegka at 2015-10-03


  • varegka at 2016-01-13


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