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Comp Gomoku player?
  • at 2004-02-21

    I just finish a game with beato, and he seemed to make a move every minute, I was just wondering if their were any gomoku computers playing on this site and if so so, who are they

  • Hjallti at 2004-03-12

    It would be nice that computer players would use 'computer' or 'ai' in their userID, so everyone knows they are playing a program.

  • safe at 2004-05-16

    Hello, I played Beato and i thought he played well. i pretty sure he is not a computer as he and i both made mistakes in the game i mentioned. plink on my game with him and maybe you will see what i mean. i think slow slow slow,some times i get “IN THE ZONE” and i am even less inclined to just make some snappy move,when i do go fast it isnt even like i am playing gomoku i am feeling like i am just plinking stones and making mistakes.

  • Perceval at 2004-05-18

    Beato = computer ?? No, he's a human, I'm sure :))

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