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  • Anatolij at 2013-04-28

    There were the normal rules, the championship was attended by 249 people. It is now 150. Think more, what some innovations and you will be 20 participants. Do you need this?

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2013-04-28

    The number of players in other championships have also declined, without any rule changes.

  • ogogo at 2013-04-28

    I wont draw!

  • ondik at 2013-05-01

    The new rule is the reason why I and other players started playing on LG again. I don't see why would anyone prefer the old rule where the result of the game depended on whether you start or not. The old rule hit its limits already 10 years ago.

    The 1-5 swap opening rule is great, truth is, that we need the possibility to have normal draw, i don't understand why it's not implemented.

  • Anatolij at 2013-05-02

    I'm talking about the impossibility of a draw and the end of the party. The first player who can pass all of his remaining moves is the winner, instead of the old rules. The 1-5 swap opening rule is great.I agree.

  • Andrey at 2013-05-05

    We need a draw button. Me and many players come back to play gomoku after that only. Is it so difficult?

  • euhuang ★ at 2013-08-31

    Hey guys -show your support to this site by joining the membership.

  • Anatolij at 2013-09-01

    will be implemented swap 2 and draw, will support

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