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  • beppi at 2012-01-23

    I'm relatively new in gomoku and I'm asking, is there a way to propose the draw to the opponent? I think that when the board comes to be very full and both players have a defensive style, so that they go on destroying any chance of the opponent to even come close to get a 5, the only choice would be a draw…

  • Mirambel at 2012-01-23

    I have not yet played a game in Connect 6 which ended in a draw. When the board becomes very full some unexpected combinations appear and eventually someone loses. It should be similar in Gomoku. I suggest you try to play to the very end. Treat a full board as a reward for good play :)

  • ondik at 2012-01-26

    unfortunately the draw rule here is very stupid

  • Robert Mathew at 2012-01-28

    it is possible for a draw in connect 6, look at top rated players past games

  • Nevermind at 2012-01-30

    So the rule of ending the game with draw at move 150 does not apply any longer?

  • ondik at 2012-01-31

    No. Current rule - the first player who doesn't have a possibility of making five in a row loses.

  • Julius Sneezer at 2012-01-31

    'gomoku pro' on the blue board has the new draw rule, while plain 'gomoku' on the green board has the same rule as it always did, i think.

  • JerNYC at 2012-05-06

    I don't understand either why players are not allowed to agree on a draw. I'm playing a Connect 6 game right now that is clearly going to be a draw but we've just reached the 90th move so that would mean each of us has to place 30 more pieces to get the automatic draw. I find this rule to be the enemy of common sense.

  • ogogo at 2012-05-10


  • stinger at 2012-07-21

    My C6 game stinger-zevs1 (13th Ch, 3 league) ended by my win after 149(!) move today. But I think draw rules (150 move limit) is not good yet.

  • Russian boy at 2012-08-03

    Nice win)

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2012-11-10

    I agree, an “offer draw” should definitely be offered for connect 6, but not gomoku pro. I like the new no-draw rule. here is an interesting game I recently won using the “knight move away” strategy to take away all of his chances to get a five in a row…I win and I did not once place two stones next to each other!


  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2012-11-10

    (with the last black stone placed in the diagram above, black wins automatically as white can not possibly make any five in a rows)

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2012-11-10

    What if connect 6 also used a similar rule?

    “No draw rule. First player who could pass all his remaining moves is winner.”

    (This is exactly the wording of the rule as the webmaster (Richard Malaschitz) states it for gomoku pro in the rules section)

    Would this add some dynamic possibilities to the endgame play?

  • Anatolij at 2012-11-11

    This rule has killed the game. This is not the gomoku

  • ondik at 2012-11-11

    Sorry Ray, but as Anatolij says, this rule has nothing in common with Gomoku. I don't know why the webmaster implemented this (although thank god for the swap finally) when it's so simple to just add the DRAW button.

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2012-11-11

    I like the rule, Anatoij and ondik don't. At least Richard attempted to resolve the complaints about the old rules. I guess the old adage is true:

    you can't please all the people all the time.

    I suppose if you don't like the new rule, you can still play the old rules. I will only play gomoku pro, as that is my preferred rule set.

    I am interested in hearing other's opinions for the no draw rule in either gomoku or possibly in c6… please post your opinions

  • Carroll ★ at 2012-11-12

    Do you need 3D glasses to play Gomuku-no-draw? ;)

    What do you think your opponent could do to defeat this strategy?

  • Marius Halsor at 2012-11-12

    White needs to play in one of these knight-move positions himself, before black does. Then black would have to alter his strategy.

  • Carroll ★ at 2012-11-12

    This is really interesting that you can block the opponent without taking care of his moves, but just by covering space. Do you know if it exists in other games?

    For example in Poker, the concept of blocker is quite efficient: A2s removes 3 combos of AA out of 6, and K5s removes 3 combos of KK and 4 combos of AK. This is why on TV you'll see great players start to bluff with these “junk hands”. I wonder if there is such covering of the hand space.

  • Anatolij at 2012-11-12

    It is not that they like or do not like, just there are international rules. And they must be followed. Instead of inventing new rules alone, call this game still gomoku

  • Christian K at 2012-12-09

    Even though I like the no-draw rule, i have to agree. If a game has internationally accepted rules, LG should use the same.

  • 1bno56 at 2018-01-04

    Here is not a normal draw rule here, so I'm leaving this site…sad…

  • 1bno56 at 2018-01-04

    One player again less… :(

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