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  • Russian boy at 2011-12-10

    Hello! Could you eplain me, what's happen in this game?

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2011-12-10

    It looks like black ran out of time…

  • ypercube ★ at 2011-12-10

    If, on the other hand, the question is about the “circus” moves, my guess is that after about move 68”, the two players came to the conclusion that the game was a tie and decided to place some fun stones till move 150 :)

  • Anatolij at 2012-01-07

    how could this happen? On the issue of time to party.

  • Happy6 at 2012-02-04

    To Russian boy: Black simply ran out of time.

  • Happy6 at 2012-02-04

    For this problem, we gave the LG admin a suggestion of modifying rules earlier (around champion 10) as follows. Each player is allowed to choose to make a pass move once (just for simplicity of system design). A pass move is to place no stones (not even one stone). When the game is ended with all board filled or at 150 moves like now, the player who made the pass move first wins.

    The LG admin replied then that they would do it later. We don't know whether it has been done or it is being processed.

  • Happy6 at 2012-02-04

    More specifically, Taiwan Connect6 Association added the rule to resolve the problem of draw:

    Each player is allowed to choose to make a pass move once. A pass move is to place no stones. When the game is ended with all board filled, the player who made the pass move first wins. it is a draw only when both agree.

    Their analysis is that this modification will cause almost no draw games while the impact to the current players is the minimum (usually it would not be good to make a pass move before 60 or so).

    This rule was imposed in NCTU Connect6 Open Tournament, but no games were really applied yet since the time limits of games were short. Judging from several draw or LG games like above, the rule would be more interesting to LG.

    Note: this rule was discussed in this board before. One even mentioned a half-pass-move (place one stone only). But, some analysis indicates that one player could make such a move much earlier (around 20-30). Thus, it will change the game a lot.

    Anyway, this is a suggestion for LG.

  • vstjrt at 2012-02-04

    I don't know why so many people are fanatic draw enemy. Draw is absolutely normal result. Possibility of draw give additional relish to game when it's not often. Of course if draw occur in every second game this make problem, but I didn't see this in Connect6. For example in last 1 league championship: there was no draw in in any of 36 games. Furthermore no draw can be helpful in Single-elimination tournament, but not in league. For example for 9 players league, when all play 8 games then without draw there is only 9 possible final result: 0;1;2;…;8 but with draws result are denser: 0;0,5;1;1,5;…;8 which bring 17 possibilities. I'm not specialist in high level connect6. Can you Happy6 tell me how often draw occur among top world connect6 players? And why give players permission to draw agree, when it's not allowed to gain draw in normal game? This bring only cheats.

  • Happy6 at 2012-02-07

    The statement of “ there was no draw in in any of 36 games.” is correct superficially. If you look into the games in the tournament, there SHOULD actually be TWO draw games. The games were finished simply due to running out of time (lose patience or else?).

    Yes, if the system can offer the functionality of requesting a draw, it would be fine too.

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