Help needed!!!! Gomoku, Connect6

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Help needed!!!!
  • southernblue at 2004-02-18

    I'm new here and on a webtv classic and my game graphics for this game is too big to be shown completely…anyone know how or where OR even if

    I can fix this problem…


  • safe at 2004-05-24

    well, there is a girl here i am playing a game of little golem word game with,she and i played a game of gomoku on a 9X9 go board…once we finished the gomoku game …we continued to play the go game…the computer doesnt Know we were playing gomoku however….

    still,start there and see if somehow tweaking it while practising go helps. i really dont know if shes figured a way to make the tv thing do just yet i will ask her for you.

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