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new gomoku rule
  • ondik at 2011-11-04


    firstly - thumbs up for finally implementing a playable and fair gomoku rule. It made me signup for the championship again. I also like the rule itself, interesting variant of classic swap rule.

    There's one thing that's bothering me a lot though. The draw rule. The draw rule that was here previously was quite stupid, I never understood the reason for it and it seems I never will, because implementing a draw button can't be that hard.

    However, if I called previous draw rule quite stupid, the current one is incredibly stupid. You can argue it adds a new element to the game. While I may agree with you, it's absolutely pointless and doesn't belong to a game called gomoku. It doesn't say anything about who was more active in the game and even if it did, this isn't boxing and the one who's attacking isn't necessarily playing better than the one who's defending. This was the only possible reason someone could think off that came to my mind as an argument for such rule.

    If someone can tell me why there isn't classic draw rule here, I'd really appreciate it as I can't solve this riddle myself.

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