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mini moku #1
  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2011-08-25

    new user tournament:

    mini moku #1

    gomoku pro 9 double round robin rated open to all, begins September 5, 2011

    Have Fun!

  • anybodyyyyy at 2011-08-27

    he where is the draw on gomoku i played 2 games where the steps are 190 step and i loose every 2 game i dont know what is this fucked fairplay and why i loose:? he why:????????????????????????????????????????? what is this shit ???? make so this game how have DRAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW and i am 1800+ why i must loosee for 1500 pkt players he?????????? play make opponets thx because i will very engry….

  • Duke of Prunes at 2011-08-27


  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2011-09-05

    The tournament has started, but it is NOT mini gomoku. I made a mistake when setting it up (I set it up as gomoku pro full board) and I never noticed. I am sorry to everyone! I will resign all of my games and set up another mini moku tournament soon.

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2011-09-16

    mini moku #1 for real this time

    gomoku pro 9 double round robin rated open to all, begins Sept. 20. I had intended to set up a mini moku event earlier this month, but mistakenly set it up as a full board variation. Oops! This time, it is truly a mini moku tournament.

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2011-11-08

    congrats plant0 for winning the mini 16-0 (and congrats to anybody for winning the full board moku 20-0)

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