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  • palacsinta at 2011-08-01

    ha valaki tudja a legujabb szabalyokat,szivesen vennem,ha elmagyarazna.peldaul azt,hogy miert nyer az a jatekos,aki nem tud osszerakni nyero otost.vagy mar az is elegendo a jatszma megnyeresehez,hogy valaki jelen van??

  • Nynaeve at 2011-08-05

    Uh… is there any Hungarian can translate that to English? O.o

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2011-08-05

    I don't know Hungarian, but I simply clicked on “translate” on my google toolbar and got this translation:

    if anyone knows the latest rules would welcome if it elmagyarazna.peldaul as to why the player wins, he can not put together winning otost.vagy it is also sufficient to win the game, that someone is present?

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2011-08-05

    my guess is that “otost.vagy” is “strategy”

  • anybodyyyyy at 2011-08-05

    ray garrison and Nynave: Palacsinta said that : why win anybody on mini pro if not make 5 . And please write the new strategy on Five in a row:) thx

  • Aganju at 2011-08-05

    there is an explanation somewhere, don't remember where though.

    The point is that if a player cannot win anymore if the opponent would pass all future moves, then he loses. Whoever reaches that situation first, wins therefore.

    That means that the strategy in the 9x9 PRO version is quite different - it is not too useful to try to make 5 in a row, because - against a slightly able player, it would not work - but instead place your stones so your opponents will not be able to make any further 5 in a row.

    In other words - if you block out any possible 5-in-a-row on the whole playing field before your opponent does, you win.

    On a 9x9, you could do that with 17 moves, forming a cross with a vertical and horizontal line through the center (if your opponent lets you…). At that moment, you would win.

  • Marsh Song at 2011-08-13

    Ray Garrison,

    You was smart using Google's translation but Google is not smart to understand “elmagyarazna.peldaul” and “otost.vagy” considering it as one word. If to add spaces after points: “elmagyarazna. peldaul” and “otost. vagy” then Google will be able to translate the text completely. :)


    The minimum number of pieces blocking all lines at 9x9 board is 16.

    The minimum number of pieces blocking all lines at 15x15 board is 45.

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