Bug? Gomoku, Connect6

2 replies. Last post: 2004-01-31

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  • michael at 2004-01-12

    While replying moves in gomoku the next game in row played the exact same move.

    I played G7 here and in my next game it auto-played G7 here. In this case a total senseless, losing move! I even have a mate in 2 with L11!!!!


  • michael at 2004-01-31

    I cannot continue playing here if i lose games due to bugs, it's really not funny to lose a game where you have a mate in 2 on board. Therefor i will resign all my ongoing games except for 1 golemwordgame from the championship, the stage is too final and resigning there now would have too much influence on the outcome. And it will be my last game on this site. And thank you very much for the mass response in this topic, you had only about 3 weeks time to respond.


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